Every project requires a solidly engineered solution.

At Sakr, we provide that, and much more.

Hydroelectric Engineering
Hydroelectric Engineering

Hydroelectric power and run of river technology has many benefits and advantages.

Maris Valve Canada
Maris Valve Canada Inc.

Don't pay for water you don't use. Invest in a Maris Valve.

Helical Screw Pile Solutions
Helical Screw Pile Solutions

Most industries use screw pile foundations due to the cost efficiencies and reduced environmental impact.

Drone Mapping and Imaging
Drone Mapping & Imaging

We have experience providing professional drone services to a wide range of businesses across Canada.

professional engineering solutions
Engineered Solutions & Drawings

We believe that a stamped engineer erawing is the building block of a successful project.

Emerging Technology Advisors
Emerging Technology

Visit our partners at Green Energy Futures for more information.

Neon Sign Communication
Neon Sign Communication

Whatever your signage requirements, we are your one-stop-shop for quality manufacturing, service & maintenance.

West Coast Mechanical
West Coast Mechanical

Specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing and heating.

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