Hydroelectric Power - Run of River Technology

Benefits of Run of River Hydroelectricity


Since this method uses water from the earth to produce electricity, the resource is renewable. Naturally, water that evaporates from the surface of the earth will form clouds and eventually falls back to the earth formed as snow or rain. This means that it will never have to run out of supply, and it will not become scarce.

Source of Clean Energy

Basically, hydroelectric power is a clean and green alternative source of energy. In fact, the creation of hydroelectricity will not cause any contamination. Moreover, it will not produce any greenhouse gases or toxins that will pollute the environment.

Stable and Reliable

This type of energy source is considered dependable as there are no issues so far as electric power generation is concerned. Many countries with huge hydropower potential utilize hydroelectricity as their main energy source.

Requires Low Operating Cost

The good thing about hydroelectricity when it comes to cost is that it requires low maintenance and operating cost. It also requires minimal replacements due to the fewer parts that are present in it.

Green & Safe

There is no pollution, no carbon footprint and no effect on the environment. It does not impact fish habit in rivers making this system is the best fit with Mother nature.

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