Drone Mapping & Imaging

Drone Mapping & Imaging

At Sakr Engineered Solutions we have partnered with a Drone Company with the goal of working closely with our clients to capture the vision of their projects.

Drones can perform imaging and mapping of areas that were previously not accessible; providing necessary information required for projects to move forward.

We have experience providing professional drone services to a wide range of businesses across Canada. Our pilots are trained and experience to work in environments such as film sets, industrial sites, remote areas and indoor settings.

All our pilots have advanced RPAS licensing from Transport Canada granting them regulatory permission for advanced operations. Additionally, they operate drones that have been approved for operations near and over people, allowing for operations in urban areas.

Sakr can provide stamp engineered drawings; on projects initiated by our Drone Partner.

What ever your imaging or mapping requirements are, we can be part of the solution.

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